March 29, 2017

Fuck Medium

So, they "suspended" my account until I "edited" some crap; that a jackass said was harassment. What parts were "harassment"?? I really don't fucking know. This guy is the guy who tried to Dox me, who claimed to be "an experienced hiring manager" but said that "hiring managers" don't like people who ask questions about diversity:

"I am a hiring manager at a multi-billion company and I’m going to tell you what the reality is here. Spouting this drivel does nothing to promote women in tech and I would avoid you like the plague. You are problematic, you will create problems, and I have no room for that on any of my teams. Do yourself a favor and go study something technical and hope nobody knows you wrote this."

In response to That Time You Failed to Follow Up on Diversity

In short, the asshole told people who care about diversity and sexist cultures that they are unhireable "problems" that are unwanted.

I would not want to work for this fuckhead, one "JD Fries", so I asked him what company he worked for so I would never make the mistake of applying there. He didn't respond, he just accused me of "begging" because I had a PayPal link on my profile and called me a whiner because I care about diversity.

Of course I care about fucking diversity, asshole, I'm a disabled woman over 30.

Then the scum bag dickface got abusive about the fact that I swear, and tried to order me not to.

Fuck. That. Shit.

Oh hell, enjoy the whole "exchange" (Notice I didn't start cussing him out until later)

JD Fries
Mar 20

I am a hiring manager at a multi-billion company and I’m going to tell you what the reality is here. Spouting this drivel does nothing to promote women in tech and I would avoid you like the plague. You are problematic, you will create problems, and I have no room for that on any of my teams. Do yourself a favor and go study something technical and hope nobody knows you wrote this.

L J Laubenheimer
Mar 21

Please, tell me where you work so that I never apply at a company with such an idiot as a “hiring manager”.

Diversity is seeing two applicants of equal skills and not automatically preferring the young, white, cisgender, straight, able-bodied male.

Diversity is not automatically trashing resumes with names like Lakisha, Mohammed, Hassan, Xueshen, etc.

Diversity isn’t getting that uncomfortable “I can’t deal with this” look when the applicant comes for an interview using a cane or a wheelchair.

But you don’t care. You think you run a meritocracy. You don’t.

Anyone who thinks that people caring about diversity is “problematic” doesn’t run a diverse team, and doesn’t truly have a meritocracy, but more like a monochrome “bro-ocracy”.


Notice that there was no swearing in any of the above. But he kept on with his abuse and insults. I let him have it with both barrels:

JD Fries Mar 21

Says a guy who’s begging for free money by providing a link to PayPal in his profile.

You are also problematic and would never be hired. You are more interested in whining instead of actually doing work. We avoid people like you as if you were the plague. Our legal department filters you out as part of our screening process. Thank you for showing your hand here which makes our lives easier.

This is the reality folks, at startups as well. We don’t want you around. We want people who are interested in working, not whining.

L J Laubenheimer
Mar 21


I am already employed, at an employer who is not afraid of people who speak up. Too bad you only want conforming drones.

You still didn’t tell me where not to apply — I wouldn’t want to work for an asshole like you. Or are you afraid to reveal it?

I’m not “begging”, idiot. I have a right to earn money from my writing. Or do you really think the only way to earn money is working for assholes like you? The thing about having a PayPal link means that only those who want to pay me do. I don’t expect anything from it, actually, because I have a day job.

I’m glad you think that having a life outside of sucking your dick makes someone a “whiner”. Your “legal department” would make sure I never had to suffer with the kind of asshole, sexist, bigoted boss that your company employs. Just tell me what company, and I won’t waste their time.

As far as “actual work” is concerned, I doubt you would know actual work if it came up and bit you on the bigoted, sexist ass. You are too busy being concerned about whether an employee is a “whiner” or dares have an opinion that isn’t a reflection of yours. (I do quite a bit of “actual work”, and have the resume to prove it.)

But you will have your fatheaded boss delusions, and dreams of drones chained to their desks, not daring make a word of complaint or sound of discontent. I bet you love H1b indentured servants for that.

What a sad life you must lead, to be unable to deal with anyone who will talk back to you working for you. How’s your turnover?

JD Fries
Mar 21

It didn’t take you but a few minutes to confirm what everyone already knew. You are not someone anyone would ever want working for them. You are a liability through and through. No wonder you’re begging for money. You’re not employable.

L J Laubenheimer
Mar 21

You really are stupid, and unable to read for comprehension. Is that too long of a word for you, bunky?

You are also a chickenshit.

I told you I’m employed. I don’t care if you believe it or not, you are perfectly free to continue to be an idiot. But I make six figures a year. You probably are the night manager at a McDonalds.

My boss and I get along just fine — he isn’t a bigoted asshole like you.

I told you I wasn’t “begging”, but you are too stupid to see that. Asking for donations if a person likes what I write isn’t begging, dumbass.

It’s the same way a lot of open source software and writing projects are funded. BTW, several writers here on Medium put their PayPal link on every story, because they do write for a living.

But you haven’t written anything but bigoted drivel, so you wouldn’t have the balls to ask for money for your writing.

So you are an ignorant chickenshit, too cowardly to name his oh so great company that supposedly wouldn’t employ me. This is probably because if you did, your legal department would be all over your ass for being such an idiotic jerk. That is if you really have a job, much less have hiring authority over anyone.

But hey, keep on with the bullshit, it amuses me to drag your stupid ass through the mud of your ignorance and asininity.

There's more, but then he goes over the line in my book. I reported him, of course.

JD Fries Mar 21

Hiring managers. This person who is carrying on this foul mouthed discourse and who just cemented their position as permanently unemployed.

How do we know this person is unemployed? See the following:

I am now looking for a new long term position. I will happily consider any opportunities you might have that need a multitalented geek who likes to play with the toys. I tend to enjoy jobs that seem to be going well and good geeky fun, and I work long term. My primary field is system administration (Linux, Solaris, NetBSD), and I also do perl programming. I also firmly believe in documentation and cross training.

Sorry L.J. Nobody will ever hire you after that embarrassing tirade. Maybe that whole Paypal link will work out for you though!

L J Laubenheimer
Mar 22

Boy, you are stupid. You found an old resume, some boilerplate and ignored what I wrote. Typical sexist bigot, so sure of himself he ignores the facts in front of his face. Hopefully your little tantrum will help screen out some of the crappy recruiters and nasty jobs that I get in my inbox. I suppose I should thank you for that…

You still can’t read for comprehension.

You do seem very jealous of my PayPal link in my profile. Do you want me to walk you through how to set one up so you can have one of your own? Would that soothe your precious ego that can’t stand to be challenged or questioned?

Seriously, you are soooo ridiculous! A real hiring manager would look at your stupidity and know you to be a bitter wannabe living in your mother’s basement.

PS: I was right, next came the attempted doxxing. Reported.

Now, I hope Medium has banned him.

At no point in any of this had I looked him up on LinkedIn, or even done a Google search on his name.

I deleted some extraneous entries, but you get the gist of it.

The final exchange:

JD Fries Mar 22

824 words of hatred from someone who cannot believe they managed to destroy their career in a single day.

This may be one of the single best examples of why you should never do what L.J. has done and viciously attack someone (an experienced hiring manger no less) and think that you can remain anonymous.

Sadly, Linda Laubenheimer will never be gainfully employed by anyone after today. This is because L.J. cannot delete my comments which list Linda Laubenheime’s full name and personal information for any hiring manager anywhere, at anytime, ever, to see this person’s true colors.

I actually feel very sad for you L.J. For the life of me I cannot figure out why you woke up today and decided to bury your career on Medium for everyone to see.

L J Laubenheimer
Mar 22

You really are an arrogant idiot who thinks more of yourself than you are worth. Ironically, I’m one of the milder mannered people in my field.

You have no say over my “career”. I seriously doubt you ever hired anything more than a part-time gardener under the table. It isn’t hard to find a name with initials “L J”, either, so your attempt at intimidation fails miserably.

Any employer who would be swayed by the words of an “experienced” bigot and intolerant “hiring manager” like yourself is not someone I would want to work for, so you would make a fine filter for dealing with small minded “hiring managers” who care about the rantings of a bigot like yourself on the net. Believe me, I need the filter for the garbage that recruiters throw into my inbox.

You really don’t get how much you are on the wrong side of this, do you?

Companies who label people “problems” and “whiners” because they dare have opinions and principles will slowly but surely atrophy from their enforced homogeneity and stifling of independent thought. They can’t innovate their way out of a paper bag — all original thought is killed before it is fully formed.

You haven’t even had the guts to name the “company” that would never hire “whiners” or “problems” and that your “legal team” would screen out people who dared have principals and *gasp* talk about them.

You are still trying to throw your weight around like I should care what you think. Quite frankly, I think it is all a delusion and that you are nothing more than maybe a newly minted assistant manager at MacDonalds.

Next phase will be a attempted doxxing, and then you will proclaim that you have an army of hackers at your command, obedient, non-complaining, and ready to do your bidding in this oh so important war of words with a complete stranger on the internet. Then, anyone who looks up your name will see what you are, and stay away from anywhere you work and its toxic culture.

Do you see how petty you are on top of all the rest? I haven’t even tried to threaten your job — I figure whoever hires you deserves what they get! But you are trying to intimidate me with your “experience” as a “hiring manager”, like I should fear your power, by showing my “name” in your comments. How childish can you get?

I’m not worried about my career, but you might want to worry about yours now that you’ve shown what a sexist, repressive and immature bigot you are, calling people who dare to ask questions and probe about values in an interview, and who dare have opinions about diversity, “whiners” and “problems”.

If you searched my name on the net, you will find that I have been a firm voice for a long time. A back and forth with a stupid cretin like yourself who claims to be “an experienced hiring manager”, with no supporting evidence in your judgment or attitude, is not a threat to my career.

You are a cretin — rigid, intolerant and foolish, deriding theoretical prospective employees for daring to have principals and opinions that you don’t agree with. Your turnover must be horrendous, if you really manage anyone.

You opened your yap, started throwing your weight around like you mattered like a boss to people who would never want to work for a rigid jerk like yourself, and then wondered why you turned into my chew toy. I do not suffer fools gladly. You are an arrogant fool.

In my actual job I am much more considerate, because I don’t take and keep jobs with jerks. I’ll still pick apart technical issues like a pit bull. As an iconoclast, I seldom stay long at any company that can’t handle questioning, principals and people who stand up for themselves. The places that do respect diversity, the ability to ask the hard questions, and the willingness to stand on principal are the best places to work, IMO. It’s too bad that there aren’t more of them. Then again, if you are actually as influential as you think you are, it’s little wonder that so many companies die out so quickly.

Let me put it this way: If I handed this entire series of comments to my boss, he’d would just laugh, shake his head, and roll his eyes that I’d started chewing on someone new. Then he’d change the subject back to work.

Edit: Yes, he really did try to doxx me.

The idiot really seems to believe that anyone would consider him an authority on whether a person is employable, even though he a) can't read for comprehension, b) throws stereotypes and insults around in a way that would make any competent HR department cringe, and c) generally is an insufferably arrogant asshole.

To put it another way: Would I publish this stuff on my own blog if I placed any credence in his opinion?

I know people who are older, out, kinky furries who are employed in the tech field. They make me look vanilla and saintly.

His argument is valid only to the same kind of people he is: big company, bro-culture, sexist bigots. They wouldn't hire me anyway - I'm too much of a disabled older woman for them to handle.

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December 17, 2010

Why People Can't Drive

Yes, you idiot, I understand that it's raining - there are some sprinkles coming down so that my windshield wipers are going. Big fat hairy deal. But why the living fuck are you merging onto the freeway at 35 mph when the traffic is going 60? It's not like it impedes visibility - I can still see that the lane is clear for hundreds of feet in front of you. If you are so fucking worried about the trivial amount of rain that has been coming down sporadically for the last day, why in the hell aren't your damned headlights on? Did you forget that it's the law? So I end up with a semi truck crawling up my ass because you are afraid of the freeway in a little rain, but won't put on your damned headlights, so you nearly fade into the roadway. Seriously, douchebag, if you can't drive over 40, get off the fucking freeway, you're gonna cause a wreck, and I don't want to be in the sandwich.

    It's the rainy season:
  • Check your tire pressure, windshield wipers, and headlights.
  • Make sure that when your wipers are running, your headlights are on.
  • Do not make sudden stops or slowdowns, and don't make people behind you do it either.

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September 01, 2006

The Mommy Blog Bog

Oh Christ on a crutch, the Daily Kos started up a new site, Mother Talkers. It's a fucking mommy blogger heaven (see Blogs, Women, and Mommies), boring as all hell, and just another ghetto for women to get shoved into and ignored.

I mean, why in the fuck have entire blogs to talk about kids, poop, snot, breastfeeding and other mundanity? It would be like if I blogged about my daily life with:

"I took a really big dump this morning. The toilet even clogged! Even the cat said it stank.

I gotta buy a new plunger. What do you think is the best type of toilet plunger to get for breaking up really big logs? The internationally award winning Toilet Blog suggests a plastic plunger, but a recent article in American Toilet Maintenance suggested using only rubber plungers for their durability.

My friend Juliet said that I need to eat more fiber, stuff like oatmeal and celery. But I hate that stuff, it clogs me up and my poops are even bigger. Would losing weight solve my problem? I sometimes get afraid I'll have to call a plumber to drill my stools out of the pipes. I mean these are really big and stinky.

Would chemicals work better? I did a bit of research on the web, but all the sites I found were about the environmental hazards of the chemicals. What if part of the plunger breaks off when I'm using it? Can I get RSI's from having to plunger my toilet too often when I take a dump?"

Who in the fuck wants to read that kind of inane drivel? Yet that what diaper changing, breastfeeding, preschool wanking, mommy blogging boils down to - boring, mundane drivel. I mean they have an article about "Study: Last Born Just As Smart As First Born"! Who the fuck cares, and why is this even an issue? Crap, my cats are more interesting, and you don't see me blogging at length about them!

I wish that all of those self absorbed bints who think that motherhood is so fucking unique and special would grow up, and get a god damned life!! You know, one that has more than poop and preschool, one that doesn't center around their overindulged, spoilt, bratty, entitled progeny. Men and women have been having and raising kids as long as the human race has existed. Being a mommy is not unique or special, except maybe to your kids. Get over yourselves, for fucks sake, and come back into the real world, not daycare fantasyland.

Oh, for mothers whose kids get too much underfoot while they are trying to focus, may I suggest The Babykeeper. Hang it from the door, insert kid, and your toddler won't be running all over the place.

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April 10, 2006

They Never Learn

They really never fucking learn. I have all three of my blogs set to comment moderation. This means that comment spam is never seen by the readers. Wasted time and electrons. But some "Mike Furir nnn" person using a bot net seems to think that he can inundate me with enough crap that I'll publish it.

Sorry, dickwad. Every comment spam I delete, sight unseen by my adoring readership (all one of them), is just one more piece of proof that you are a stupid jerk with too much time on your hands.

It must suck to be such a lame weinie that you spend your life acquiring botnets just so you can spam random blogs. I guess the money must be good, or at least the pizza. Still, when it doesn't take a lot of effort to eliminate your crap from my comments, I guess there are even more stupid people out there that don't, and that click on your stupid links, otherwise you couldn't make anything off of it.

PT Barnum was right, I guess. Some days I'd love to get in on that kind of racket, but then I wouldn't be able to look myself in a mirror, no matter how much cash I had.

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June 20, 2005


I've been too nice lately. It's downright scary. In fact, it's been months since I had a work related rant, or even a foaming geek rant in general.

Oh, I could wax ballistic about the annoyances of supporting Win XP for the perennially clueless, of which we have a few here at $job. Thing is, most of our tech clueless know that they are tech challeged, and so don't have a chip on their shoulder about asking for help.

But there are a couple, including one administrative person whose job revolves around being able to use the MS Office suite, who regularly has to ask how to use Outlook, Word and Excel. This is an office manager? Oh, and she's bitchy about it too, like it's the IT people's fault that she doesn't know how to do her job use her software.

Still, other than that, I'm downright mellow. What a change from the boneheaded idiots I worked with two years ago, where cluelessness and asshattery was the rule, rather than the exception.

Thank you, $job, for reducing my stress levels.

All I have to rant about is bad drivers, yuppification, and rude parentoids who can't be bothered to civilize their brats. Downright dull, I fear.

Well, that and politics... Do you want to read my snarling about that? Other people do it better, I fear. Since I'm not a pure liberal, pure conservative, or pure big L Libertarian (the LP has been hijacked by fundies, IMO), my stuff is socially liberal (not pinko, new deal), fiscal conservative (not neoconservative, real conservative) and probably ridiculed by purists on all sides.

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December 20, 2004

Disclaimer and Stuff

It should be obvious, but needs to be said:

Anything I post on here is my opinion, or is reported as data on which I may or may not have formed an opinion. It is not the opinion of my employer or any other company (unless quoted or paraphrased and attributed) or even any other person, and should not be construed as such, legally or otherwise.

I usually use $JOB, $BOSS, and $COWORKER type notation to refer to workplace issues, to protect both my confidentiality and that of others. This is the blog where I rant and rave. I may exaggerate, blow things out of proportion, and say really nasty things out of anger and frustration. Never take these things as the literal opinion of my employer, or as anything other than my own skewed perception of matters. I will make crude comments, wonder about my coworkers taste in clothing or even sexual habits, but never by name. I suppose you could cross reference my resume and posting dates to get a clue as to who is what, although by the time I update a resume I'm already gone from the company. But seriously, don't ask for names if it's not in the article. They won't be forthcoming.

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November 02, 2004

Getting Tough

...With blog comment spammers, of course. I first put all of my blogs on comment moderation. I still ended up deleting *TWENTY* damn pieces of drug, porn, or gambling spam *per* *week*. It's just that now none of my readers had to put up with them. You would think that the idiots would figure out that none of their shit was seeing the light of day.

Then the asswipes started leaving porno trackbacks, so I put trackback links on email notify, and started whacking them as well. The time required has been rising, and the combined putrescence was getting very old.

So I have now instituted phase three. After 1-2 weeks, I am closing the comments on an entry. Let's see how those cheesy little spammer scripts do when the thing won't take the shit and links input by it.

What pisses me off most about it is they wouldn't do this type of crap, essentially relieving themselves in someone else's kitchen, if it didn't make them more money. This means that some AOL using bubba moron is patronizing their "services".

I am really starting to miss the days when you had to know how to use a basic Unix shell and text-based client to use the internet. It seems that all of these "easy to use" GUI things have just provided more access to idiots and twits, and ease of abuse to the world's parasites.

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August 19, 2004

Stupid Blog Link Spammers

Dumb fuckers. Don't they realize that I'm not publishing their shit anymore? I delete, unpublished, at least a dozen drug and sleazy sex pushing "comments" a week. They never see the light of the web.

OTOH, this guy had to shut off comments entirely until he can get software that will let him screen stuff.

MT 3.0 may be very limited in the "free" single user version, but the ability to whack v**gr* and f**r*c*t add, t**n sl*ts garbage, and other disturbed sites and links pollution from my blog (and my web space, hence my disk space) is priceless.

Maybe it will come up as a topic at BloggerCon

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August 02, 2004

Domain Damnation

I administer a bunch of domains: mine, my roomies', plus for our friends and relatives. Ordinarily it isn't a problem. Today it was.

It started saturday. I had three domains remaining to transfer off of our old hosting - you know, the people who "migrated" to BSD from Linux and didn't think it would change anything, and fucked up my blogs in the process? Two went fine. The one where we'd carefully set up everything at the new provider first so there'd be NO loss of service - is still down. The whois records weren't updating. They've finally updated, but the old host still manages to try to point it to them, or something, because a "host" on the domain sometimes gives a "server fail" and sometimes gives the old hosting IP. Support at the new host says to give it a(nother) day for their records to update.

WTF?? I transferred 3 domains, all registered with the same provider, all hosted on csoft, to all being hosted at dreamhost. The domain that mattered didn't get its NS switched until last night, because something screwed up in either my hitting "save" or the registrar's server not taking it. Then that same domain took 24 hours to update whois at internic, and the change hasn't completely propagated, and now the new provider tells me to give it another day until their records update and propagate!

AAAAAAAUUUGGHHHHH!!! I did my best to make it seamless, but the last, but most critical domain is in fucking limbo, probably due to the old hosting provider not being competent, or maliciously trying to screw me up!

Why is it that I can send email three times around the world in an hour, but updating DNS takes two to three days??

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July 07, 2004


PCL, PJL, PS and filters. Aaaargh! This shit should fit together, but nobody has built a roadmap, just big, fat perl scripts to sweep the problem under the rug.

Then, of course, there's $KID at $JOB who can read an entire document, then append stuff to the document that indicates that a) he hasn't read it through, b) hasn't comprehended what he's read, and c) is damned near outright insulting, condescending, and attempting to establish workplace dominance. Needless to say, I'm not pleased with this PFY. Everything he writes in terms of documentation sets my teeth on edge. His email doesn't, surprisingly enough. It's just slightly frustrating in not providing the info I need, probably because he doesn't have it either.

Add to that I seem to have some chronic summer cold or something that isn't kept at bay by my allergy meds, and I'm seriously cranky. I probably should see the damned doctor.

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June 24, 2004

Windows Sux

Again, I have to go to Sacramento. Apparently the only thing we didn't swap, the hard drive, has something majorly corrupted or something. He's going to do a backup, and we are simply going to swap the entire damn box.


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June 20, 2004

No, You Can't Print

Why in the hell is it that all of the latest Linux printing tools are friggin' HUGE. Cups is huge, foomatic is huge, and wants Perl, which is even bigger. Even simple LPRng is a massive piece of crap that won't leave out all of the kerberos crap if you are compiling it on a system that has it!!

I'm doing this for an embedded Thin Client, folks! That means small code, minimal libraries, and no friggin bloat! It has to be compiled on a seperate development system, but the stupid config and Makefile checks to see what the system it's compiled on has, and expands to that capacity. Even the options won't let you whack cruft.

BTW, pivot root with NFS never did work quite right, so we shelved it.

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June 14, 2004

Mail Down

What is it with hosting providers? I've been trying to log in to my https webmail for the last hour, and it's down - just does the stupid loading go round thing in the tab. I almost have all of my sites moved over - I hope these guys don't go craptacious on me too.

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June 12, 2004

Tech Support

Murphy's Law. Whenever you plan on a purely vegetative weekend to get over the sinus attack that has been plagueing you for the past week, you have to go out of town on a tech support run. This week, it's Sacramento, to do a videocard-ectomy and transplant on my roomie's brother's computer. *sigh* And I couldn't afford the $1400 it would take to get my air conditioning working again on my Jeep. Argh!!

I've got to get going soon, and I'm gonna melt.

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June 11, 2004

I Hate Sh!t That Doesn't Work

Grrr. Ther is a routine that is part of network booting Linux called "pivot_root", that gets called in the "linuxrc" script (nash) in the initrd file. It is supposed to swap your root filesystem to the one that you will run on, rather that the one you booted from. Even using the instructions and examples in the 2.6.5 kernel Documentation, it doesn't friggin work!

It's bad enough that a lot of the older tools won't compile in things usefull with a 2.6 kernel because it's "too new". But this is annoyance making.

At least I'm getting paid, but my boss is starting to get impatient.

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June 10, 2004

Revived Blistering Blog

My hosting provider terminally fucked up my blogs with a supposed "upgrade". I now have a new provider, but my databases were so screwed up that I have to start over!

Since there were very few entries in my old blog (only 28), I am simply going to link to the archived entries here: Previous Incarnation of the Blistering Blog

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